A baby girl was born with a ‘pregnant bloating’ condition: What you need to know about the condition

A baby boy has been born with an unusual condition, which he is now in the middle of dealing with.

Baby boy Jacob, born on Monday, has a condition called ‘pregnancy blue,’ which he says makes it hard to hold the baby inside.

Jacob says the bloating is caused by a clot, which is made up of protein, and has a thick coating around the baby’s head.

“It’s like a baby glove,” Jacob told the station.

“You can feel the bleeding and the baby just keeps on breathing and breathing and it keeps on coming back and coming back.”

Jacob’s mom, Angela Smith, is working to make sure he has the right medicines for the condition.

Smith told the TV station that Jacob has been taking a mixture of a mixture that includes a combination of beta blockers, beta blockers and blood thinners.

“We were really excited that he was doing well,” Smith said.

“But we were concerned for his health.”

Smith is concerned that Jacob could die.

“Jacob has been going through some things.

We were worried that if he’s not getting enough fluids he’s going to die,” she said.

Pregnancy bloaters can cause the most serious health problems, including severe dehydration, a life-threatening blood clot, and life-limiting infections.

Some babies are born with the condition because they’re born with abnormal development, but the condition is not caused by abnormality, but by abnormal brain development.

There is no cure for pregnancy bloating, but it can be treated with medication.

You can also call 911 if you are worried about Jacob or other babies who might have the condition, and the number of hospitals where Jacob has had operations is available here.