Crypto Coins: Healthy pregnancy snacks

Healthy pregnancy snack sales rose 3.9% in March compared to February, according to data from the Coinmarketcap website. 

As previously reported, the trend in pregnancy snacks sales will continue in the weeks and months ahead as the new year starts. 

The company reports that sales of pregnancy snacks grew 6.3% in April and 7.7% in May, according the same data. 

While pregnancy snacks have long been a staple of the millennial consumer, they have also been a hot commodity in the cryptocurrency space. 

In February, CoinMarketcap reported that healthy pregnancy snack prices rose nearly 30% from the previous month to $11.89 per pound, while healthy pregnancy foods like cookies and fruit increased nearly 20%. 

The price of healthy pregnancy food also increased slightly from the prior month, but the trend has since shifted. 

During the first week of March, sales of healthy food spiked 27% from February, while sales of the most popular healthy pregnancy meal saw a 19% increase. 

At the same time, sales dipped 4.3%. 

Additionally, sales at the Healthy Food and Snack Store in the US increased 18% during the month. 

So, in summary, the new-year market may not be as robust as the market for traditional groceries and snacks, but it is likely to be more robust. 

With the exception of the sales, which dipped 6.4% in February, the rest of the market has seen healthy sales rise at a faster rate. 

Looking forward, healthy pregnancy consumption is expected to be higher than that of regular baby food sales in 2017, with a spike in the near future expected. 

Although the new years earnings season is just beginning, many analysts are projecting the new quarters profits will be stronger than the previous years. 

According to a report from CNBC, investors are expecting a 10%+ increase in dividend payments over the next three years, with the average payout for the year set to be around $5.6 billion. 

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