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If you’re like us and missed out on buying a pregnancy t-shirt, now’s your chance to get one in style.

For those of you who have already ordered yours and haven’t received your shirts yet, you can snag one at any Walmart store.

That’s right, they’re available now.

(For a full list of Walmart stores, click here.)

The shirt is made by the lovely and popular label of Lululemon.

The brand’s brand is known for creating beautiful and creative, fun, and practical pregnancy and maternity shirts.

And with the right combination of high-quality cotton and soft-touch textured material, the Lululeson Luluxe pregnancy shirt is absolutely stunning and a great way to celebrate your pregnancy and birth!

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Here’s what we’ve been up to this year: We’re excited to share with you our first look at the new  LULULU Pregnancy Shirt.

The LululiLuxe is a stylish and flattering shirt that will be available at most Walmart locations.

It features a slim fit and a soft textured lining for a soft look.

It will also be available in a variety of colors to match your mood.

For your shopping convenience, the  LululuLuxe will also come in a few other sizes that are available in-store at select Walmart locations including 32″x32″x30″, 30″x29″, 32″ x 36″, 36″x31″, and 40″x36″.

LULULULUX: The LULuliLux is a super cute pregnancy shirt that is sure to get everyone talking!

The shirt has a slim, flattering fit and has a soft printed lining.

It also features an elegant floral print that is perfect for the summer.LULU LULUMEXUS: The LululuLuxe’s layers of textured fabric are both soft and smooth, giving you a flattering fit while still keeping you dry and comfy.

This shirt also features a floral print and a printed silhouette to match the overall vibe.

Lululex: TheLululiux is the perfect shirt for all kinds of seasons, from fall to winter.

The  LuleuliLUX is a cute baby t-shirts that has been inspired by a lucid Lulu Luluve fashion line that we all love.

It’s a soft, flattering, and cute shirt that looks great in the summer and looks amazing in the winter.

Lulu-LUX: This baby shirt will make a great gift for any mom and dad.

The shirt is designed to be worn under the Lulu Lux and will look fantastic with a Lulu luve shirt.

The Lululumux LuluLux maternity shirt is available now at Walmart locations and on Amazon!