Aussie woman caught in a dog pregnancy scare

A woman who had been spotted by her dog with a pregnancy announcement was concerned the woman’s actions might scare other dogs away.

The woman was driving along the Gold Coast’s Sunshine Coast when she spotted a dog sitting at the side of the road with a bag in its mouth, the Herald Sun reported.

The bag was empty when the woman stopped her car and noticed a pregnancy notice in its right hand.

She thought the woman was being silly because she’d just given birth, but it was actually her dog.

“The dog was absolutely adorable, the woman said.”

It was lying there with its head up and the dog was very interested in it.

“I thought it was funny because I’d never seen a dog like that before.”

Then it just went straight into the bag and I thought, ‘This could be very serious’.

“But I didn’t realise what was going on until I looked in the bag.”

“It’s a big bag and the baby’s in there.”

The woman’s friend then noticed the dog and contacted animal services.

She and her friend then searched the area for the dog, but did not find it.

She then contacted the dog’s owners and asked if they’d noticed the pregnancy announcement.

“They told me they didn’t,” she said.

The owner, who did not want to be named, said the dog came to the property in February and was on a walk when it noticed the pregnant woman.

“We were just having a bit of fun and I think it was a little bit of playful fun at the time, and it was looking at me,” she told the Herald.

“So I put the bag on the back of my car and I was going down the road.”

And as I was walking down the track, the dog stopped and I said to myself, ‘What’s going on?

What’s going to happen to this dog?’

“The woman said the man behind the wheel, who had not been seen since, called the police.”

At first I thought he was driving a car and he was trying to get the dog to come back,” she added.”

But then I thought maybe he was going to come over and help me.

“He had a bit more money and I couldn’t afford to have the dog with me, so I took the dog back to the car.”

There was nothing I could do about it, so that’s why I didn�t tell anybody.