Why did you want to be pregnant?

With her baby on the way, Rachelle White’s mother is feeling a bit “somewhat anxious” about her future, but she’s confident in her ability to keep her baby alive.

“I think I’m in great shape, I’m doing great,” White, 25, told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview.

“I feel great.

I feel ready.

I think it’s time for me to have a baby.

And I want to do it in the right way.”

White, who is expecting her second child, told us that she was excited to get pregnant with her third.

“My mom is the most amazing mom ever,” she said.

“She’s the most generous person I’ve ever met.

I mean, I think she’s doing the best for me.

It’s really been a great journey for me.”

White’s first pregnancy, which she says she was forced to abort, didn’t go as planned.

“The doctors were concerned that I might have an infection, and they were worried that I’d just get pregnant again,” she recalled.

“But I didn’t think I was going to be able to do that because I’m the first person who ever has had an abortion.

So that was the hardest part of it.

I’ve never had to do anything like that.”

But after the doctors told White she might have to go into labor at 20 weeks, she decided to continue.

“They gave me the biggest gift of my life,” she continued.

“After I got my first ultrasound, they said, ‘Oh, you’re pregnant!’

And I said, Oh, no, I don’t want to go in labor.

But I got to go, so I was really excited.

I knew I was pregnant.

And then the doctor gave me an ultrasound and said, You’re pregnant!

And it was just like a big, huge, big hug for me because it was really exciting.

And so I’m glad I went into labor.”

White and her husband, Sean, are expecting their third child, whom they’re expecting through artificial insemination.

“Sean is a very dedicated guy,” White said.

But even after she got her baby, the two women still struggle with the challenges of pregnancy.

“We have to do our little work and our little grocery shopping,” she told us.

“So it’s very difficult.

We have to make sure we have a job.

And when we have kids, we have to work and get jobs.

We are both so focused on each other.”

White told us she’s always known her baby would grow up to be her husband.

“It’s so exciting,” she joked.

“That’s what I’m going to have to deal with.

But yeah, I have a lot of work to do.”