Spd pregnancy: A warning to women and men about chemical pregnancy

A woman who has been pregnant for two months has taken a gamble that she will have a normal baby.

She did not want a c-section and is hoping to have a baby the same way.

But the odds were against her.

“I had to look at my options and I wasn’t really prepared for the outcome,” Ms Jorgensen said.

“It wasn’t a normal pregnancy, but the risk was too high.”

Dr Hildebrandt says the biggest risk is that the woman has a urinary tract infection, which can cause a woman to miscarry.

“The urinary tract infections are pretty common in pregnancy and that’s the main thing that we have to be careful about,” she said.

The other risk is the risk of bleeding in the fallopian tube.

“There’s a lot of bleeding, there’s a very high risk of the patient having a urinary infection,” she explained.

“You also have a very good chance of bleeding through the cervix.”

We’re really lucky that there aren’t any complications.

“Dr Jorgenson says the only other time she has had a urinary-tract infection is in her late 20s.”

That’s not really a huge risk at all,” she says.”

If it’s been in the past then it could be a little bit different.

“If a woman has an underlying infection, such as tuberculosis or HIV, she can expect a high risk.”

Most women with urinary tract disease, if they’re lucky enough, have a urinary stone,” Dr Jorgersen said.

She says if the woman continues to be pregnant, she should be monitored closely.”

She might need a tubal ligation,” she warned.”

Or it could end up being an infection or something worse, and she may need a C-section or a vaginal birth.