Apple’s ‘pregnancy test’ costs $299 for a kit, but the price can get you pregnant

Apple has revealed it will be releasing its pregnancy test for $299.

The device, which works by scanning a woman’s blood and saliva, has already been spotted in the wild, but Apple has now released a second kit of its pregnancy tests, priced at $129.

The $299 kit comes with two different screens for measuring your pregnancy’s health status.

While it doesn’t offer a detailed chart of your pregnancy, it does offer information on the type of blood tests you’re using and the amount of time you’ve been pregnant.

It’s also said to be able to give you a ‘true pregnancy’ result.

Apple is also said not to be offering a separate test for each type of pregnancy.

While Apple has been mum on the details of the kit, it has said that it will include an ‘internal battery’.

The Apple pregnancy test will come in the form of a kit which will come with an internal battery.

Apple says the internal battery provides an additional measure of health and wellbeing and will help you maintain a healthy pregnancy.

The company says the pregnancy test comes in two forms: a single test that can measure your pregnancy status, and a ‘kit of four’ that you can purchase separately for $129 and $299 respectively.

While the kit does not contain an internal charger, it will come pre-loaded with a standard charging dock, which can be charged via USB.

A separate test will also be available for $79, which will include the same test, but will only work with Apple’s proprietary iPhone software.

Apple is also planning to launch a third kit of the Apple pregnancy tests next month, which is said to include both a ‘single test’ and a kit of four.