When twin pregnancies are ‘natural’ twins will have normal babies

Two babies were born with unusual faces and a mother says it is “just a normal pregnancy” in Queensland.

Key points:Two twins were born in Queensland last week with unusual features and two mothers are hopeful their babies will be healthyThe twin pregnancies were part of a twin pregnancy clinic run by the Australian Twin and Triplets Association (ATTA) in the Queensland town of MaitlandThe births have raised questions about whether twins should be classified as “normal” pregnancies and how to treat themThere is a strong debate over whether twins, when born with the characteristics of twins, are normal pregnancies.

Twin pregnancies are not considered normal by the ATSA, which has a number of guidelines for how they should be treated.

The ATSTAs Twin and Triad Program runs a clinic in the town of Maribyrnong in South Australia.

It is a non-profit organisation and the births were not covered by insurance and the babies were not identified until after the babies’ mother had informed the police about them.

Twins can only be born with certain features.

Two babies have been born with facial features that are not typical for twins.

One twin has been born as a boy, and the other as a girl.

Both babies have had a birthmark on their face and their faces are very different.

The mother of one of the twins said it was “a normal pregnancy”.

“We just thought it was a normal thing,” she said.

“It is just a normal birth, we’re just expecting twins.”

But the mother of the other twin said it had been “quite odd”.

“The other twins looked different, they had a different face, different body type, different hair, different skin tone,” she told ABC Radio Queensland.

“I think they have a different history, they’re a completely different species.”

If you look at what’s happening in the world, they are very unusual.

“The mother said she was “very surprised” by the unusual births.”

This is a really big shock, this is a shock to the system, really, really shocking,” she added.”

We’re hoping the twins will be fine.

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