How the Teen Pregnancy Test Works and Why You Should Consider It

I just got a pregnancy test from Walgreens.

It says, “pregnancy test, pregnancy test” in blue letters.

When I look at it, I’m thinking, This is so creepy.

I go, “What is this?” and I open the box.

I look inside, and there’s an old, blue, tube with a tube inside.

I put the tube in my mouth.

I’m not sure what’s in it, but I get a clear feeling that something is there.

I can feel it on my cervix.

I think I’m pregnant.

I try to go back to the counter, but it’s locked.

I call the store and they’re like, “We don’t sell this.”

I get this text message from the employee, who I don’t know.

“You’re pregnant.”

And I’m like, What?

Is this real?

Are they going to put me in the hospital?

I’m trying to tell him, “I’m pregnant, this is really real.

Please, tell my doctor.

I need to be checked out right now.”

But he keeps telling me, “Just wait, just wait, you’ll be OK.”

He just keeps texting.

I have a conversation with a coworker who I’m dating right now.

He was like, I was worried about you, because you were pregnant.

And I was like I have this really bad feeling about it.

So I just texted him and told him, I have to go.

And he’s like, Really?

You’re pregnant?


And then I get an email.

It’s from the company’s legal department.

They’re like I can’t tell you anything about you.

They don’t want to give you any more information.

But they’re saying, “If you’re pregnant, please call us at 877-872-7886 and let us know what you think.

If you’re not pregnant, you’re okay.

Just tell us that you’re over 18, because we don’t need to know.”

And they send me an email saying that Walgreen is not authorized to contact me about this matter.

And my heart just sank.

And it was a really scary experience for me.

I mean, it was really hard.

But at the same time, I just want to thank them for helping me to be safe.

And they’re also giving me the option of going to another pharmacy and getting the pregnancy test again, but they’re not going to let me use another one.

And Walgros is like, Well, if you’re really worried about getting pregnant, we don and we’re not giving you any information about that.

I just think they’re taking this kind of information for a very selfish reason. I don