Why did you give birth?

By a country mile.

This is the most common question people ask when they get pregnant, and one of the first things most women and men ask is whether they will get pregnant again.

The answer depends on what you are asking, how old you are and what your partner is doing during your pregnancy. 

What happens in your uterus During your pregnancy, your uterus becomes the site of pregnancy-induced contractions (or uterine prolapses).

These contractions cause your uterus to stretch, contract and rupture.

If you’ve never had a rupture, you’ll have no trouble with pregnancy again.

If your uterus ruptures during pregnancy then you can still get pregnant if you get an ultrasound. 

Pregnancy heartburn Relief During pregnancy, you might have some pregnancy-related pain.

This may be from contractions or swelling in your belly.

You may also have an increase in your blood pressure or blood sugar, or even nausea.

The pregnancy may also cause other symptoms like: Headaches