Woman who fell asleep while pregnant with twins claims she’s had her first ‘life’

A woman has described her first “life” after having twins.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said she and her husband were in Brisbane in October 2015 when their first baby was born.

“It was a bit early in the pregnancy, we were both on antibiotics, so we were only in the womb for two days,” she said.

“We went to a clinic where we were advised not to drink alcohol, not to go out and had to stay in the clinic until we had had the birth.”

I was told by the doctor that my husband had a stomach infection and I had to go home and stay at home with him for two nights.

“Then he had to have a bowel movement and I was left alone for the rest of the time.”

The hospital would send me home again and I would have to go back to bed and repeat the process.””

I got home and was told to go to bed because the baby was not moving.”‘

We were both in hospital’During the birth, the mother and baby were both suffering from severe stomach cramps.”

He had to eat the vomit, it was just like an eating contest,” she told news.com.”

We went into the hospital, and he was in a bad way.

He was vomiting up blood, he was bleeding from the mouth, and we thought he had passed out.

“She said they had to wait in the ICU for about three days before they were able to see a specialist, where she was told the baby had a rare genetic disorder.”

After that, we had to spend two days in the hospital because we were not allowed to go outside,” she explained.”

They gave me antibiotics, but they had no idea what that was, and they didn’t even know how to put it in a pill.

“She was then transferred to the Queensland University of Technology’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and told to stay home for another two days.”

Once I woke up, the baby looked like he had lost a bit of weight,” she continued.”

When I started to eat again, I was actually very hungry, and then I could actually get up and eat.””

The doctor told me that I had two more days before I could have the baby.

“So we went to Brisbane and got a lift to a hospital and I went there with the baby.”

“We were really happy and had the first thing I had eaten in my life, so it was a pretty happy time.”

The woman’s twin was born two days later.

“She is doing well now, she is doing fine, she has just had her period, she’s very healthy,” she added.

“My husband has also just had his first period, and I think he is feeling better.”

She described the experience as “the most surreal, the most wonderful, I don’t think I have ever experienced”.

“It has been really positive, the biggest thing is I’m happy to be able to share this with the world.”

The ABC’s Rachel Wicks contributed to this story.