Why do you get cloudy urine in your pregnancy?

By the time you think you’re pregnant, you may be pregnant with a clear liquid.

When this happens, your body is able to process the urine and expel the toxins.

This process is called a urine flush.

The urine is so clear it makes you think it’s pregnancy.

But, it’s actually your body trying to clean itself, and not the other way around.

It’s called a clear urine pregnancy because the body is trying to clear itself of toxins, but the urine is still there.

If you have a clear, yellow-green urine, it means your urine is probably being flushed because of an infection.

If your urine isn’t clear, you’re not pregnant.

A urine flush is usually a normal part of your menstrual cycle, but if it’s cloudy or not, it could indicate a medical problem.

You may not be pregnant if your urine doesn’t flush, but you can get pregnant if it does.

If it’s clear, then your urine should be flushed every 24 hours.

But if you’re having trouble with your urine, try to drink at least 2 glasses of water before you go to the bathroom.

This will help your body flush out toxins from your urine.

A clear urine is a sign that you’re at risk of a urinary tract infection.

You can be at risk if you have: A UTI, including the common cold and flu.